AquaDec Easy Fit Tray 1300×800

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The Aqua-Dec EasyFit Wetroom Floor Former is an extremely strong 22mm thick GRP floorboard replacement with 4 pre-formed drainage gradients to provide a level access wetroom floor suitable for tiling..

The EasyFit drain plate can rotate 360 degrees and avoid all underfloor wet room obstructions. The eccentric drain also features three locating rings, to provide superior hold between the Dec and the rotating drain plate.

The Aqua-Dec EasyFit wet room Dec can be cut anywhere up to the solid surround with a standard handsaw and features an underside cellular structure. The underside spoke pattern provides increased rigidity to the structure of the Dec. Suitable for both wooden or concrete floor installation, the Aqua-Dec EasyFit can be fitted on wood and concrete floors as the spoke structure bonds well with wet concrete.

Product Features

  • Supplied complete with drainage
  • 22mm thick: Same as standard floorboards.
  • Complete range of sizes: up to 12!
  • Easily trimmable
  • Installation made easier: No underfloor boarding required

Product Benefits

  • Gradients: 4 way falls to drainage
  • Rotating drainage: Avoid unseen floor joists
  • Lighter and stronger: Made from strong but lightweight material
  • Flexible with all flooring


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