Shower Screens

We have a range of door options available to suit your needs, choose a door of a corresponding size to your base.
How do you choose the right shower screen? You don’t want to get stuck with a cheap one that you have to change once a year or more. At the same time, investing in a high end product needs a little more expertise. That’s where we come in.
At Shepway Disabled Supplies you can choose from a wide range of shower screens and find one that matches your requirements. All our shower screens can be installed over shower trays and are also wetroom environment friendly. Our high quality products are sure to impress and you can bank on us to provide you with timely assistance and product delivery.
In This Section:
AKW Shower Screens, Contour Shower Screens, N&C Phlexicare Pro-Doors, Freespace Shower Screens

  • AKW Shower Screens (528)

    AKW provides long lasting customer satisfaction by designing to national and international safety and quality standards and by manufacturing with care using quality materials. AKW provide a range of standard screens, wet floor former screens, sliding screens and level best screens In This Section: Standard Shower Screens, Wet Floor Screens, Level Best Screens, Sliding Screens
  • Contour Shower Screens

    Contour Shower Screens

    Contour is committed to providing increasingly environmentally friendly and innovative showering solutions for continued independence that both exceed expectations and reduce whole life costs. Contour Provide a range of portable screens and Wet floor former screens. In This Section: Portable Shower Screens, Wetfloor Doors
  • Impey Shower Screens

    Impey Shower Screens

    Impey's range of wetroom shower screens are widely recognised as the best and the industry benchmark. They have been developed from long consultation with both end users and care professionals and are built to the highest standards, with extra safety features such as curved edging and tough anti-shatter panels as standard.