Wet Room Formers

Shower tray formers are used to create the level access showers found in wet rooms. These formers are perfect for creating a contemporary showering area and also have the benefit of being suitable for creating walk in showers for people with mobility problems.
We can supply wet room shower tray formers, for vinyl or tiled floors.
In This Section:
Tuff Form, Level Best, Eco Dec

  • Eco Dec

    Eco Dec

    Quick and simple to install, our wide range of environmentally friendly Eco-dec® floor formers enable bathrooms to be used as complete, level access Wet Rooms. Creating falls in the floor of a traditional Wet Room is difficult and time consuming. Eco-dec® avoids that inconvenience, the pre-formed gradient provides a perfect wet area for trouble free level access showering. Only 22mm thick, Eco-dec® is concealed underneath the vinyl floor covering once installed, guaranteeing the bathroom to be used as a complete, wheelchair friendly, Wet Room environment.
  • Level Best (9)

    Stylish and modern Level best Wet rooms are designed to provide a simple and cost effective process for choosing and installing a shower system to create a domestic wet room.
  • Level Decs

    Level Decs

  • Tuff Form (28)

    Tuff form is suitable for multi-user bathrooms, providing much needed space where room is restricted with a large combinations of different screens.