AKW Shower Seats

Made from strong polyethylene.
Draine holes reuce water retention and helps with cleaning.
Rust proof frames manufactured from stainless steel and powder coated with white finish..
Stainless steel adjustable support legs allow for height adjustment and stability.
Feet finished with white rubber ferrule to prevent slipping and damage to the surface.
Additional 26mm fine adjustment on one leg to accomodate the fall in shower trays or formers.
Drop down arm anfle can be finely adjusted to suit the individual.
In This Section:
04000 Series Shower Seats, Freestanding Shower Seats, 02000 Series Shower Seats

  • 01000 Shower Seats

    01000 Shower Seats (2)

  • 02000 series seat pads and cushions

    02000 series seat pads and cushions (6)

  • 02000 Series Shower Seats

    02000 Series Shower Seats (16)

    AKW 2000 series shower seats are carefully designed, comfortable and rust proof. The compact option is designed for smaller enclosures and where space is at a premium. Offering a seat height adjustment of 467mm - 607mm the 2000 series range will provide an attractive addition to any bathroom for users up to 25 stone.
  • 03000 Series Shower Seats

    03000 Series Shower Seats (2)

  • 04000 series Seat Pads and cushions

    04000 series Seat Pads and cushions (14)

  • 04000 Series Shower Seats

    04000 Series Shower Seats (31)

    The unique and innovative AKW 4000 series range of shower seats have been carefully designed following consultation with occupational therapists, end users and installers. These seats are attractive, strong, safe, comfortable, rust proof and provides a 390 - 640mm seat height adjustment. The reinforced cushion fixing lugs ensure their suitability for side transfer. A wide choice of styles are available for users up to 40 stones (253kg) in weight. Tested to BSEN 12727.
  • Freestanding Shower Seats (3)

    Our stools and chairs are specifically designed to fulfil all elderly and disabled bathing needs. All daily living aids feature non-slip surfaces and are fully compatible with all AKW easy access bathroom installations.