Shower Trays & Products

Low level shower trays, recognised as a disabled product, are durable and high quality.

Compatible with our waste systems and ramp options, these shower trays offer a wide range of bathroom solutions.

Standard features include slip-resistant surfacing, effective waste positioning and excellent water handling.

  • AKW Alcove Adaptor Kits (4)

    Available separately to convert a corner tray to an alcove tray. Kits fit on to the edge of the tray to give a watertight seal and tiling upstand Kit Contents: 1 x Alcove Adaptor strip 1 x Corner Block Assembly 1 x Pack of fixings and caps
  • AKW Floor Tiling Kits and accessories (2)

    Available separately to maintain level access showering when using floor tiles. Fits under the Mullen tray clamping strip and tile. Fully waterproof mouldings Quick installation Substantial savings on time and labour costs on site Provide a watertight seal Maximum thickness of tiles and adhesive 10.5mm
  • AKW Pipe Duct Kits (4)

    Available separately pipe duct kits fit on to the edge of the tray to avoid re-routing of existing pipework. Fully waterproof mouldings Quick installation Substantial savings on time and labour costs Requires extra wide compensator
  • AKW Ramp/Threshold Kits (22)

    Bradden ramp kits allow easy wheelchair access and are available for surface mounted or semi recessed trays in 20mm and 40mm heights. Ramps kits are supplied for corner or straight access and can be cut to size on site Mullen trays can be surface mounted on screeded floors with the addition of trimmable ramp options for easy access. Ramps can be installed above or below altro flooring. Aluminium threshold kits come in various sizes and fo use with either left hand or right hand trays
  • AKW Shower Trays

    AKW Shower Trays (112)

    AKW provides long lasting customer satisfaction by designing to national and international safety and quality standards and by manufacturing with care using quality materials. In This Section: Bradden Shower Trays, Mullen Shower Trays, Sulby Shower Trays, Low Profile Shower Trays
  • AKW Traditional Trays (14)

  • AKW Waste Options (11)

    Issued as standard with both automatic and automatic mixer valve pump kits. Good seals and location Quieter running Built-in filter Opens for easy cleaning and rodding 38mm deep below mounting surface 15mm & 22mm John Guest Speedfit outlets available
  • Contour Shower Trays

    Contour Shower Trays (9)

    Contour is committed to providing increasingly environmentally friendly and innovative showering solutions for continued independence that both exceed expectations and reduce whole life costs. In This Section: Swift Level Access Shower Trays
  • Impey Shower Trays

    Impey Shower Trays

    The new, most stylish shower tray from Impey offers low access for easy entry and a slip resistant tread pattern The tray has the best drainage flow rate of any equivalent tray on the market and is suitable for mixer and electric showers. It is also strong enough to support a weight of up to 250kg (40 stone) and offer greater slip resistance.