AKW Shower Trays

AKW provides long lasting customer satisfaction by designing to national and international safety and quality standards and by manufacturing with care using quality materials.
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Bradden Shower Trays, Mullen Shower Trays, Sulby Shower Trays, Low Profile Shower Trays

  • Bradden Shower Trays (54)

    The Bradden tray and their suitability for all floor types to give level access or low level access makes them a popular choice amongst specifiers. Easy to install Braddan trays have a 35mm fall to the waste to ensure that water runs away quickly. The superior strength of all Braddan trays ensure that there is no need for additional support. Trays are also supplied with a separate tiling upstand to provide a watertight seal.
  • Low Profile Shower Trays (20)

    At 32mm high the Low Profile can be installed in wooden floors for level access or above floor for low level access. With its offset waste position to avoid joists the low profile is one of the easiest trays to install.
  • Mullen Shower Trays (26)

    The Mullen provides complete barrier free showering and is installed within hours. Easy to install with either vinyl or ceramic tile floors, this base features a clamping bar that secures either the vinyl floor covering or a tiled floor adaptor between the base and the floor to prevent water seepage. This Base may be cut by up to 10 3/4" (275mm) at each end using the cut-to-length kit included.
  • Multi Spec Trays

    Multi Spec Trays

    If you’re not sure what the final installation conditions will be, the flexibility of the Multi Spec tray is the ideal solution Benefits Multi Spec trays can provide level access or be surface mounted for low entry, Total flexibility means you can fit most spaces, Strong with built in reinforced steel sections, A 35mm fall inside the tray gives excellent drainage, Slip resistant surface for added safety, Wide choice of screens, curtains and rails Features Suitable for all floor types and alcove installations (kit supplied), Integral pipe duct system avoids re-routing pipework, Optional upward discharge system, No under tray foaming required
  • Sulby Shower Trays (12)

    Designed for easy installation into unbreachable floors, where a pump is not required the Sulby has a built-in Gravity Waste. Standard Sulby trays are 90mm high and have a 35mm fall to the waste to ensure the water runs away quickly.