Electric showers only take water from the mains cold water supply. They heat the water when you turn the shower on, by passing it over a heating element inside the shower – similar to the workings of a kettle.

When you shower, you don’t use up any stored hot water – so electric showers are ideal for families and households where there is a limited supply of hot water. Electric showers are always ready to use, any time of the day or night.

  • AKW Showers

    AKW Showers (12)

    Showering is an important part of life. That’s why we’ve carefully chosen a range of care showering products to give you safe and comfortable showering experience, whatever your space or need. AKW also offer several easy access shower tray designs. These suit all domestic, elderly and disabled bathroom installations
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    Impey Showers

    A range to suit all applications. We offer a wide selection of showers from a variety of manufacturers, in order to provide you with the best choice for your requirements. The entire range features thermostatic controls, for added safety, plus you have the option of the finest quality mixer shower, or easy to install electric showers.