AKW 25327 Triton Omnicare 8.5kw Design with 1m Rail and 2m Hose

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Triton Omnicare 8.5kw Design with 1m Rail and 2m Hose
  • Audible feedback and tactile temperature dial with soft grey tones offers assistance to visually impaired users
  • Dual purpose grab rail – Reinforced riser rail kit designed to withstand up to 150kg support load, for optimum safety and support
  • with co-ordinating lever handles creates a familiar and contemporary look
  • The Omnicare connects to both analogue and digital waste pumps
  • With multi pipe and cable entry points and a generous footprint, the Omnicare is designed for easy replacement
  • Constantly regulating the temperature of the water to within +/- 1˚C, the Omnicare gives the user more precise control over their showering experience
  • With the ability to set a maximum water temperature and the duration of the shower, the Safeguard+ adapts to every individual’s needs


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